CalSTRS Headquarters

West Sacramento, California
Certification level: 
Percent of Overall Diversion Achieved: 
95 percent
Facility Size: 
409,000 square feet
Project Overview: 

CalSTRS defines sustainability as the framework that governs our organizational business culture. The organization seeks to advance corporate sustainability practices that promote long-term value creation, responsible investment strategies, stewardship of our natural resources, and engagement with our stakeholder community.

The waste diversion program at CalSTRS is successful due to the methodical and purposeful consideration of all points of waste generation within the headquarters facility. Waste is generated from office supplies, food service at the on-site cafe, landscaping, retirement of used and depreciated assets, office improvement activities, warehousing and distribution.

CalSTRS found that engaging employees in everyday sustainable practices heightens their awareness of the importance of living an environmentally conscious lifestyle, both at the office and in their personal lives. Employees play a critical role in ensuring CalSTRS’ commitment to sustainability is upheld through the actions they take on a regular basis to reduce impacts on the environment.

CalSTRS is committed to reducing the amount of waste and toxins that are hauled to, and disposed of in, landfills and incineration facilities. The organization adopted and implemented a sustainable waste management program that focuses on source reduction, material reuse, and recycling techniques and strategies. In fact, 95 percent of waste is diverted from the landfill and recycled, reused or repurposed in the following ways:

  • Anaerobic digestion
  • Local recycling facility
  • Product-specific recyclers
  • Office reuse program
  • Charitable organizations

CalSTRS and its staff proudly practice sustainability on a daily basis. By looking at everyday actions from a sustainable perspective, CalSTRS leaders and staff are able to make more strategic decisions for the long term. And CalSTRS’ steadfast and unwavering commitment to environmental, social and governance issues is a key component of its core values, vision and mission to secure the retirement future for California’s educators in perpetuity.