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CEAR, Inc.

Mather, California
Certification level: 
Percent of Overall Diversion Achieved: 
Facility Size: 
105,000 sq. ft.
Type of Operation: 
Electronics Lifecycle Solutions
Project Overview: 

CEAR’s mission is to promote sustainability and the circular economy through our electronics lifecycle management services. Our technology is designed to efficiently recover as much useful material as possible and prevent waste. During our project, the most significant changes were those made to the formalization of our procedures for reporting, training, and purchasing to ensure zero waste was prioritized and part of the decision making process. With CEAR's significant material throughput, greater data analysis of the waste, downstream destinations and categorization of outputs was an important consideration.

CEAR’s zero waste achievements and initiatives include:
• Creation of a comprehensive Zero Waste Policy with procedures for data collection, assessment, and continuous improvement
• Strategies to reduce paper use and office waste generation
• Comprehensive Zero Waste Training for all employees
• Increased utilization of reusable metal cages to replace pallets, shrinkwrap, and cardboard boxes
• Devised a Zero waste Goal and timeline plan for future waste diversion improvements and program review.

Our certification efforts and the resulting changes made in the name of resource efficiency and diversion have engaged employees that question current practices to help find new ways to reduce waste. Since training and program improvements began, a positive shift has become apparent in the perception and attitudes toward waste at CEAR which represents a powerful ongoing change.

Zero waste processes and strategies have given us the tools to both formalize and enhance our operations to increase waste diversion.

"For 24 years CEAR has worked to create a circular economy of electronics," said Paul Gao, CEO of CEAR, Inc. "TRUE certification has provided us with immensely valuable tools and strategies for advancing our goals and reaffirming our commitment to sustainability.​"