Colgate-Palmolive Sanand Plant

Sanand, India
Certification level: 
Percent of Overall Diversion Achieved: 
Facility Size: 
154,174 sq m
Project Owner: 
Project Overview: 

Colgate Sanand site is aligned with our corporate responsibility and sustainability initiatives as part of a long term business strategy. We are committed to reducing our impact to the environment . Our waste reduction programs reflect our close collaboration with stakeholders, innovation, engagement with our people, and our commitment to operational excellence. We are committed to reducing waste at the source in the production process, focusing on reusing and recycling production materials . We have constituted a cross functional “Green team” to drive our TRUE certification to zero waste.

All employees and site contractors receive zero waste training and updates on goals and new best practices. “Trash to treasure” is an event that engages employees to inspect all waste streams to generate reduction ideas. Some of the site’s zero waste highlights include, redesigning the waste collect system on site, reuse of pallets, community activity, and a high level of engagement from site leadership. Practices such as these divert waste from landfill and incineration, reduce costs, and reinforce a culture of zero waste and sustainability.
“By 2025, we aim to achieve 100% TRUE certification for our global operations, including manufacturing sites, technology centers, strategic offices and owned warehouses,” says Ann Tracy, Chief Sustainability Officer. “With enthusiastic teams, collaborative partners and this comprehensive approach to waste reduction, we’re confident we can make it happen.”

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