Cost-savings strategies through TRUE's "Innovation" credits

Published on: 
29 Mar 2021
Susie Westrup

Continuing with TRUE’cost-savings strategies, the next topic of our series is our last credit category in the TRUE Rating System – Innovation. You can find the rest of the articles in this cost-saving series on our website under the article section!  

Once again, the goal of TRUE certification is to divert all solid waste from landfills, incineration (WTE), and the environment. There are many economic advantages embedded in the strategies of the TRUE rating system that help businesses cut costs and generate revenue.   

One of the benefits of TRUE certification is the expedited return on investment (ROI). Compared to major investments into sustainability infrastructure, zero waste initiatives have remarkably short payback periods. Here are some of the top cost-saving and revenue-generating strategies which illustrate the potential ROI for facilities pursuing TRUE.  


These TRUE credits focus on the methods that participating organizations can implement to further their zero waste goals. Part of innovation means going beyond our own platform and taking example from organizations succeeding at their zero waste goals with creative solutions. 

Credit 1: Participate in upcycling programs  

Upcycling is a creative way to utilize previously unusable or harmful products and convert them to effective production elements using new recycling technology. This is highly marketable strategy to find low-cost production materials without sacrificing product quality.  

GM found numerous innovative uses for its byproducts, including converting 227 miles of oil-soaked booms off the Alabama and Louisiana coasts from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill into two production years’ worth of air deflectors. They used these in the Chevrolet Volt and used recycled cardboard packaging in Buick Verano headliners to provide acoustic padding that reduces noise in the passenger compartment.   

Credit 3: Implement innovative waste reduction activity  

A wide variety of actions can contribute to waste reduction outside traditional methods, and this credit stands to encourage creativity in implementing new activities.  

TRUE Gold certified Monsanto Upper Kunia facility discontinued water bottle delivery services and installed an on-demand water filtration system to reduce plastic and wastewater. In their operations, they invested in fuel-efficient tractors to reduce the fuel consumption by their agricultural operations.  

Innovation is one of the most important aspects of sustainable organizations everywhere. Achieving zero waste and landfill diversion are not easy tasks, and along the way, there will be obstacles. This is where innovation comes into play. If your company has discovered something that helps you with your zero waste goals, tell us about it! TRUE is an ever-evolving product and innovation will only serve to improve our communities and to help us achieve our goals! For more information, download the rating system and our application to get started.