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DMI Companies: Wagoner

Wagoner, Oklahoma
Certification level: 
Percent of Overall Diversion Achieved: 
Facility Size: 
210,000 sq. ft.
Type of Operation: 
HVAC Components
Project Owner: 
DMI Companies
Project Overview: 

DMI Companies’ Wagoner, Oklahoma, location is one of four facilities under the umbrella of DMI. DMI’s Wagoner plant is home to all our current SBUs and production facilities. Our decision to become a TRUE Certified facility in Oklahoma stems directly from our corporate environmental responsibility and sustainability mission. DMI Companies is proud to have developed a culture of environmental stewardship across all our departments and locations. The Wagoner plant first started this journey to zero waste in 2022, and the diligent handwork of our employees and staff has made this goal a reality.

The zero waste practices and policy that led to our success in these endeavors were modeled after our Monongahela, Pennsylvania, facility which earned TRUE Gold certification. The implementation of similar practices and the development of innovative solutions to meet the challenges in Wagoner were met by our dedicated staff in their relationships interdepartmentally and with our vendors. Employees at DMI were engaged through a variety of sustainability outreach programs. All new employees are instructed in zero waste policy, sustainability plans and the requirements of DMI facilities to achieve proper waste disposal and monitoring. Many of the new strategies that were employed by DMI Wagoner are a first for that region of the state, direct communications with local businesses, government, and others allowed the project to come to fruition. One example of this was the relationship and development of large-scale recycling efforts made within the community of Wagoner, Oklahoma. By deciding to work with local businesses, DMI has bolstered our community relations and is leading the way in responsible environmental stewardship from the manufacturing setting.

“Sustainability and environmental stewardship are the keys to our success in the development and production of our products and culture in and around DMI Companies,” said Sustainability & Environmental Compliance Specialist, Ed Hart. “This achievement reflects the steadfast commitment that DMI Companies has to environmental responsibility across all our locations and our continued enthusiasm for environmental stewardship. DMI has shown the reality of our impacts and met the challenges to reduce them by committing to ethical and responsible environmental stewardship.”

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