GBCI Celebrates Milestone of 100 Certified TRUE Projects

Published on: 
23 Apr 2018
Sarah Stanley

TRUE certification is advancing zero waste practices and changing companies’ cultures when it comes to waste

Washington, D.C.—(April 23, 2018)—Today, GBCI announced that it has certified 100 projects under its TRUE (Total Resource Use and Efficiency) Zero Waste certification program. Projects across the U.S., Canada and Ireland have now been certified. The important milestone not only supports the growth of the zero waste movement, but acknowledges that a common standard is emerging for evaluating performance. Projects that have gone through the certification process have reported up to $6.5 million in savings and more than 446,000 tons of waste diverted from landfill, incineration (waste-to-energy) and the environment.

"Managing waste is not always the first priority for companies, but we’re seeing how an effective strategy can deliver substantial triple bottom line benefits,” said Stephanie Barger, director of market transformation and development for TRUE at GBCI. "Companies that are certifying their facilities under TRUE are taking resource management to the next level and doing more than reducing waste. They are creating a culture that values resources and we are even seeing the impact on morale; it’s something employees take pride in.”

TRUE Zero Waste certification rates how well facilities perform in minimizing their nonhazardous solid wastes and maximizing their efficiency in the use of resources. The goal of projects participating in TRUE is to divert all sold waste from the landfill, incineration (waste-to-energy) and the environment.

The program sets a high bar by going beyond diversion numbers and focusing on the upstream policies and practices that make true zero waste possible, in the built environment and beyond. With TRUE, a facility can achieve its zero waste goals, cutting its carbon footprint and supporting public health.

GBCI released an infographic depicting the impact of the first 100 certified facilities:

  • More than 190 million square feet of certified space;
  • Certified projects in 24 U.S. states, plus Canada and Ireland;
  • Certifications achieved by retail spaces, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, offices, distribution centers and more; and
  • Companies with TRUE-certified facilities that include Tesla, Microsoft, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Nature’s Path, Earth Friendly Products, Cintas and Etsy.

To celebrate the zero waste movement and encourage others to take action, GBCI is inviting people to share on social media the efforts they are making to reduce waste using #TRUEzerowaste. As part of the celebration, GBCI will also be featuring stories and highlights from the first 100 TRUE projects at and on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The TRUE Zero Waste certification is administered by GBCI, the premier organization independently recognizing excellence in green business industry performance and practice globally. In addition to TRUE, GBCI also administers certifications and professional credentials for the LEED green building program and a number of other sustainability programs.

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