GBCI partners with Abu Dhabi’s Center of Waste Management to bring TRUE and zero waste to the Middle East

Published on: 
31 Oct 2019
Sarah Merricks

GBCI recently announced on October 27 that the organization has signed an MOU with the Center of Waste Management in Abu Dhabi (Tadweer) to help drive waste reduction and implement the TRUE Zero Waste program in Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates.

As part of their larger efforts to transform their waste management strategy, the UAE has adopted a progressive plan and begun implementing new policies designed to position the Emirates as a leader in waste management. In 2010, the UAE launched its long-term Vision 2021 plan and, as part of this vision, set a goal of diverting 75 percent of its waste from landfills by 2021. The UAE’s Ministry of Climate Change and Environment is working to achieve this goal by strengthening partnerships between the government and the private sector to launch initiatives that will transform waste from an environmental burden into an economic resource by focusing on the development of the recycling industry. 

And in 2018, the Federal National Council passed a draft federal law on integrated waste management to help achieve the 75 percent goal. This new legislation regulates managing waste and disposal methods to reduce harm to the environment, cutting the total amount of waste produced and using waste for alternative purposes. The first such law in the region, it also provides for the transportation of waste across the country for the first time, which encourages investment in reusing and recycling waste. 

In addition to leadership at the federal level, in 2008, the government of Abu Dhabi also established the Center of Waste Management (Tadweer) to set the policy, strategy and contractual system for the safe and sustainable management of waste across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Tadweer has adopted a comprehensive waste management strategy that focuses on reducing waste and minimizing waste disposal and treatment costs. And since early 2018, they have intensified efforts to address environmental challenges facing Abu Dhabi and mitigate the adverse impact of waste on the environment and their citizens. 

They have also launched a tariff system, based on several local laws, that is intended to improve waste practices and reduce waste production in the Emirate. Any facility that produces waste must get a permit from Tadweer in order to operate in Abu Dhabi, report their waste and pay a fee based on the volume of waste they produce. 

As part of the MOU, GBCI will partner with Tadweer to help bring the TRUE Zero Waste certification program to market in the UAE. GBCI will provide training capacity and technical resources to Tadweer to support their goals toward waste reduction and ensure their staff and stakeholders are equipped to implement the TRUE rating system in Abu Dhabi. This will include technical support, the delivery of in-person TRUE Zero Waste trainings for Tadweer and complimentary access to the TRUE Advisor certificate program for their staff. Tadweer will serve as our partner in Abu Dhabi to market TRUE in the region and will be authorized to promote TRUE, deliver workshops on the program and offer discounted certification pricing to projects that register directly through Tadweer. 

Waste affects every part of our communities, and effective waste management strategies are critical tools in ensuring both public and environmental health. The TRUE program provides a powerful market tool that helps facilities and businesses implement zero waste strategies, targets and plans. We are excited to bring the TRUE program to markets all over the world to help us move toward a more sustainable future for all and improve the quality of life for people around the world.