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New resources for TRUE project teams: Diversion Data Guidance and Sample Application Forms

Published on: 
27 Oct 2021
Holly Griffith

Submit your application for TRUE Certification with greater confidence with two new resources now available on the TRUE Resources page. These new resources: the TRUE Diversion Data Additional Guidance and Sample Application Forms, provide additional guidance and sample narratives to help project teams in the application process.

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The TRUE Diversion Data Additional Guidance document is intended to provide additional guidance that can be referenced alongside the TRUE Rating System to better understand TRUE diversion reporting requirements. The document includes an overview of materials to be included in diversion calculations, a more detailed look at allowable diversion methods, as well as step by step instructions on how to collect and compile diversion data. There is also a frequently asked questions section at the end to answer those lingering questions that may arise during the diversion documentation process.

The Sample Application Forms for Precertification and Certification serve as a reference for project teams working on completing their application for precertification or certification and would like to see an example of what a successful response and narrative for a credit may look like. These samples should not be duplicated, and instead serve merely as a guidepost that project teams can utilize to better understand how each credit may be achieved. Each form includes completed samples for either precertification (an optional step toward certification) or certification. Project teams may refer to the documents as appropriate based on their phase of certification.

Together, these resources are intended to help project teams get a better understanding of how to document diversion data and complete application form narratives for a successful TRUE application.

Ready to get started? Visit our resources page to download the new TRUE Diversion Data Additional Guidance document, and the Sample Application Forms for Precertification and Certification!