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New TRUE planning tool allows projects to quickly assess where they are on their zero waste journey

Published on: 
27 Jan 2021
Mikaela Jewell


In order to help guide each unique project seeking zero waste and TRUE certification, the TRUE team has created a TRUE Certification Planning Tool. This tool allows project teams to see their potential TRUE score with a quick overlook at their credit breakdown. Teams are also able to make personalized notes in order to organize and prioritize their next steps. With the addition of this tool teams will be able complete a quick assessment of how feasible certification is and start making plans to achieve it 

Utilizing the planning tool is not required as part of the certification process. However, it is helpful for getting started on your zero waste journey. The tool can be used to conduct a gap analysis along with various zero waste audits in order to provide a comprehensive picture of your progress toward TRUE certification. Audits may include evaluation of container sizes, assessment of landfill/incinerator/waste to energy bound materials, review of compliance with solid waste and recycling regulations, or a review of the facility by area to evaluate the highest and best use of materials 

After analyzing the findings from the various audits and the TRUE certification planning project teams can assess their current diversion performance and develop future action items to increase diversion. These actions will help to create clearer goals that will lay the groundwork for their journey to zero waste. 

Ready to get started? Visit our resources page to download the new TRUE Certification Planning Tool, and see below for helpful resources: