Oxford Frozen Foods

Oxford, Nova Scotia, Canada
Certification level: 
Percent of Overall Diversion Achieved: 
Facility Size: 
533,798 square feet
Type of Operation: 
Food processing industry
Project Overview: 

Oxford Frozen Foods is the world's largest producer of frozen wild blueberries and Canada's premier processor of frozen carrot products and battered appetizers. Over the last 50 years, Oxford Frozen Foods has developed efficient waste handling processes, which has earned us an impressive diversion rate greater than 99%. The bulk of our waste generation stems from process food waste. Our manufacturing food waste, which comprised 68% of our total waste generation in 2021, is breakfast, lunch and dinner for cattle at a local farm! We are fortunate to have a mutually beneficial partnership with a farmer, saving us several thousands of dollars each month from avoided composting services. We have also found revenue opportunities through the sale of used bulk-corrugated totes, metal, scrap cardboard, LDPE #4 and HDPE #2 plastics, paying for the entirety of our waste and recycling disposal fees.

In addition to new policies, recycling programs and tracking tools, the zero waste process has engaged employees to come forward with new ideas. For example, ink aerosol cans for our coding equipment were previously disposed of as non-recyclable waste. An employee wondered if these were recyclable, and relayed her inquiry to management. Two days later, we rolled out a recycling program for the ink aerosol cans! The Zero Waste certification project has visibly increased employee awareness about waste generation. Employees are receptive to new programs and initiatives because we collectively want to reduce our organizational impact and make a difference. We are extremely proud to have achieved a platinum zero waste status, and we will continue to push ourselves to reduce our waste generation, and set more environmental goals to strengthen our commitment to sustainability.

"Being TRUE certified demonstrates our commitment to the community we live in and the environment we depend on," noted Milton Wood, Chief Operating Officer.