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Posty Cards

Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.
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Posty Cards is a leading manufacturer of business-to-business greeting cards based in Kansas City, and owner of PrintForest, a sustainable, business printing division that plants trees to offset all paper use.

The TRUE certification, one of many third-party verifications achieved by Posty Cards, documents the diversion of more than 90 percent of the company’s solid waste from landfills while helping cut greenhouse gases and reducing costs with more efficient use of resources.

Posty Cards was awarded a platinum-level certification based on its work in several areas including:
•Recycling more than 2.7-million pounds of materials in the last 10 years
•Reducing its trash collection and its trash costs by 83 percent
•Replacing office trash cans with “sort me bins” that employees sort at recycling stations nearly zeroing out trash from offices and eliminating need for trash bags
•Working with vendors to eliminate waste before it occurs, such as sourcing custom paper sizes to reduce paper waste significantly, saving more than 65,000 pounds of paper in 2019 alone
•Composting all food waste and paper towels, and even composting yard waste onsite
•Eliminating single-use disposable plastics by providing compostable and reusable table ware for employees
•Engaging employees in reuse and recycling with programs that allow employees to bring in recycling from home including glass, electronics, light bulbs, etc. and allowing employees to take home unused pallets for repurposed projects
•Prioritizing reusing and repurposing, including previously owned office furniture, supplies and lockers, and shipping containers transformed into sheds, etc.
•Prioritizing and purchasing products with recycled content to close the loop

Posty Cards has been recycling for decades. With a corporate commitment to sustainability including using 100 percent renewable energy and responsibly-sourced paper, it was only a matter of time that we worked toward zeroing out waste. This long-held commitment means we have worked to eliminate waste before it occurs and designed it into our practices from manufacturing to packaging.

“It’s exciting to see that our zero waste and recycling efforts are equivalent to the carbon-reducing impact of planting 4,400 trees in 2019 alone,” said Erick Jessee, President of Posty Cards and PrintForest. “We’re pleased that Posty Cards can be a role model for what small businesses can accomplish. Collectively, what small businesses do has a huge impact on the sustainability of our communities.”