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Precertified: Hologic Costa Rica

Alajuela, Costa Rica
Certification level: 
Facility Size: 
150,092 sq. ft.
Type of Operation: 
Medical devices
Project Overview: 

Hologic is a global medical technology company specializing in women’s health and well-being. Hologic CR site run a strategy process where the upper management level includes tasks and goals to follow for every year. One of those milestones is Zero Waste. The site is ISO 14001 certified, so an environment policy is in place.

That pre-work provides a framework to develop the environmental journey where entire Hologic CR team is involved. The main innovative initiatives were Employee’s eco-use of packaging material initiative (Hologic´s employees can request raw material packaging waste to build other things), Protecting Hologic trademark (all rejected units are pulled apart in site waste management center where every single one it is split into pieces to ensure between 80% and 90% of eco-friendly treatment) and Machined Parts waste to landfill reduction (sort metal/plastic chips to avoid contamination from oil).

Right now, above 90% of the waste is diverted from landfill or waste-to-energy treatments. The precertification provides to Hologic the structure to continuous improvement of local process to reach a zero-waste site where reuse and circle economy will be the way.

"The importance of this TRUE precertification to me, personally, and to Hologic Costa Rica cannot be overstated," said Nilo Caravaca Operations VP MultiSite / Hologic Costa Rica. "It demonstrates our dedication to environmental stewardship and reflects our core values of innovation and responsibility. As we progress towards full TRUE certification, we are setting a precedent for other organizations within Costa Rica and the greater Hologic Corporation, showcasing the tangible benefits and feasibility of embracing zero waste goals."