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Resources for the TRUE Construction pilot

Published on: 
1 Mar 2023
Holly Griffith

Feature image credit: romul014, Adobe Stock.

To help construction projects apply TRUE to reduce waste and improve upstream materials management practices, GBCI has developed a pilot guidance document based on the current TRUE rating system. Through the pilot program, TRUE seeks industry feedback to inform and refine the applicability of this document and address some critical concepts for zero waste in construction that have not yet been covered.

Can I get an overview of the TRUE for Construction pilot?

Absolutely! The TRUE team shared details on the pilot in a video.

Where can I learn more about TRUE for Construction?

Visit our pilot resources page. Here, you can find updates on the pilot, frequently asked questions, an overview of the process, a list of useful resources and our feedback form. The page will be updated regularly, so be sure to bookmark it, so you can check back for new developments.

How do I get involved with the pilot?

TRUE is accepting new projects on a rolling basis. If you have a new construction project or major renovation that you would like to certify, you can register for TRUE on our website. Simply select "Construction" under the “Project Type for GBCI’s TRUE certification” dropdown, and the GBCI team will contact you with next steps.

Register for TRUE certification.

What is the value of TRUE for Construction certification?

TRUE for Construction is expected to provide a few key impacts:

  • Establish zero waste strategies for construction: This certification provides a guideline for developers, architects, general contractors and subcontractors to foster zero waste policies, practices and strategies at their place of work—a holistic standard that does not yet exist.
  • Increase impact: Certification and the development of sector-specific adaptations can help increase the impact of zero waste practices at a wider scale.
  • Recognize excellence: There are construction teams doing excellent work in the realm of zero waste, and certification can act as a recognition of this excellence.
  • Increase savings: Designing waste out of the system quickly leads to return on investment in facilities and projects of all sizes and purposes, and becomes easier to streamline with each new project an organization implements.

What will the process be for the pilot?

  1. Implement pilot guidance document through pilot projects.
  2. Evaluate guidance when implemented by project teams to gather feedback and evaluate successes and gaps.
  3. Assess feedback received from project teams and refine guidance where needed.
  4. Finalize and release final TRUE for Construction Projects adaptation.

What elements of the TRUE Rating System are adjusted for the pilot?

In the current pilot guidance, credits have been identified as either:

  • Applicable—they are not modified from the existing rating system
  • Modified—they are still largely in alignment with the existing rating system, with some modifications outlined in the guidance text
  • Not applicable—they have been identified as not applicable in a construction context

The certification levels have been adjusted accordingly to match:

  • Certified: 27
  • Silver: 33
  • Gold: 40
  • Platinum: 55

We look forward to working with you on this exciting new chapter for zero waste action.

Register for TRUE certification