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Rothy’s – China Headquarters Industrial Park

Dongguan City, Guangdong Province
Certification level: 
Percent of Overall Diversion Achieved: 
Facility Size: 
317,040 sq. ft.
Type of Operation: 
Shoe and handbag manufacturer
Project Owner: 
Project Overview: 

"At Rothy’s, we know there’s a better way to do business, and it starts by putting the planet and its people first. That’s why we transform eco-friendly materials into wardrobe staples that look just as good as they feel," explains the Rothy's website. "The manufacturing behind Rothy’s products is where the sustainability magic happens. It’s made possible by our wholly owned factory, our revolutionary knit-to-shape production, and the skilled craftspeople who finish each piece by hand, with love."

The Rothy's manufacturing facility focuses on reducing waste at its source.
- For example, the innovative 3-D flying weaving technology directly reduces the generation of corner cloth.
- The facility has set up a zero waste group chat. All employees can participate in the message in real time through mobile chat software.
- The project regularly organizes community waste pickups, which locals can participate in. This drives awareness around the concepts of waste for both employees and area residents.

Rothy's TRUE certification is part of the company's sustainable development strategy, aimed at providing customers with eco-friendly, high-quality products while assuming environmental responsibility in its operations.

"Circularity is the future of sustainability. And what does circularity mean? At Rothy’s, we think of it as a continuous loop that renews itself, from material and manufacturing to product and recycling. Our vision is to use twice-recycled materials in new products—to close the loop, like nature does." Learn more about Rothy's circularity commitments.