TRUE hits a milestone with first 100 certified projects

Published on: 
26 Apr 2018
Sarah Stanley

TRUE Zero Waste certification has become a road map for companies that are serious about pursuing zero waste goals. Now, TRUE and GBCI are celebrating an exciting milestone: 100 TRUE-certified projects.

Together, the first 100 certified projects have diverted more than 446,000 tons of waste from landfill, incineration (waste-to-energy) and the environment. In addition, projects have reported up to $6.5 million in savings.

In addition to an infographic, we've put together a slideshow of firsts, as well as broken them down below so you can find inspiration from the global impact TRUE is making.

TRUE 100 from USGBC

First TRUE certification: Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Location: Chico, California
Certification level: Platinum

The Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. in Chico, California, was the first facility in the world to achieve TRUE Zero Waste certification, and the Mills River, North Carolina, location was the first to achieve both TRUE and LEED certifications. Established in 1980, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. works to brew the highest quality beer with the least environmental impact possible. The brewery partners with a local composter to divert organic material from landfill, uses the rail system to deliver malted barley to the brewery, recovers and reuses CO2 generated during the fermentation process and continually works with packaging suppliers to reduce waste at every step of the process.

First international facility: Que Pasa Mexican Foods

Location: British Columbia, Canada
Certification level: Gold

Que Pasa Mexican Foods is part of the Nature's Path Foods family and shares the company’s zero waste goals. The tortilla chip manufacturer produces millions of pounds of tortilla chips and whole grain tortillas every year, but through its zero waste efforts, there are months where under 2,000 kgs of landfill garbage are produced for the whole facility. The company has also worked to train employees on zero waste operations and increase awareness of the impact those decisions have on the business and the environment. Together, Que Pasa employees help identify more opportunities for improvement.

First to certify all U.S. operation facilities: Earth Friendly Products

Location: Parsippany, New Jersey; Lacey, Washington; Cypress, California; Addison, Illinois
Level: Platinum

Earth Friendly Products is focused on eliminating waste at the source and at all points throughout its supply chain. The family-owned and -operated cleaning product manufacturer became the first to certify all its U.S. facilities and achieved the highest level of certification: Platinum. By implementing zero waste strategies, the company saw an opportunity to both mitigate its inefficient use of and benefit economically from decreased handles and disposal costs. Earth Friendly Products asks all vendors, service providers and guests visiting any of its facilities to support its zero waste efforts while on site.

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