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TRUE Zero Waste certification for facilities

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TRUE certified spaces are environmentally responsible, more resource efficient and help turn waste into savings and additional income streams. By closing the loop, they cut greenhouse gases, manage risk, reduce litter and pollution, reinvest resources locally, create jobs and add more value for their company and community.


Certification is available for any physical facility and their operations, including buildings owned by: businesses, property managers, schools, government agencies and nonprofits.

How TRUE works

A TRUE project's goal is to divert all solid waste from the landfill, incineration (waste-to-energy) and the environment. Facilities achieve certification by meeting seven minimum program requirements and attaining at least 31 points on the TRUE Zero Waste Application form available on the Resources page.

Certification requirements

Guide to Certification

The TRUE Zero Waste certification program is an Assessor-based program that rates how well facilities perform in minimizing their non-hazardous, solid wastes and maximizing their efficiency in the use of resources. View the Guide to Certification and TRUE Zero Waste Rating System on the Resources page to learn more.

Getting started

To register your project for TRUE Zero Waste certification, complete the registration form and email it to us at [email protected].

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TRUE Certification Fees*

Silver, Gold, and Platinum Level Members Organizational or Non-members
Registration $1,200 $1,500
Certification Review Rate Minimum Rate Minimum
Project gross floor area**: less than 250,000 sq. ft $0.018/sf $3,500 $0.023/sf $4,375
250,000-499,99 sq. ft $0.016/sf $4,500 $0.020/sf $5,625
500,000-749,999 sq. ft $0.014/sf $8,000 $0.018/sf $10,000
750,000- 999,999 sq. ft $0.012/sf $10,500 $0.015/sf $13,125
1,000,000- 1,999,999 sq. ft $0.010/sf $12,000 $0.013/sf $15,000
2,000,000 sq. ft or greater Request a quote Request a quote
Multiple Sites Request a quote Request a quote

*Introductory pricing. Fees are calculated on a per project/facility basis and includes assessor travel costs. There is a 10% discount for paying the registration and certification fees together.
**Gross floor area is the sum of the floor areas of the spaces within the building(s), including basements, and excludes areas dedicated to parking and circulation of motor vehicles.