Introducing TRUE for Events

Published on: 
4 May 2020
Celeste McMickle


Do you remember the last event you went to? You were likely handed many flyers and other printed materials; ate a catered lunch with single-use plastics; didn’t have access to recycling facilities and were forced to throw everything into the trash.  

Events are notoriously wasteful activities that utilize a lot of single-use materials. But with some planning and guidance, events can significantly improve their environmental impact -- and they provide an opportunity to share your commitment to sustainability with attendees in real time. That’s why TRUE launched our new TRUE for Events certification in addition to certification for facilities.


How does TRUE for Events work?

If you have certified a facility with TRUE before, then this system should look familiar. The TRUE for Events guidance document uses the foundation of the rating system with minor adaptations and guidance for credits that are impacted by an events setting. TRUE for Events may apply to an entirely different type of project, but adheres to the same definition of zero waste, diversion calculation method and acceptable diversion methods listed in the TRUE Zero Waste Rating System

The TRUE for Events guidance document can apply to one-time as well as repeat events, and recurring events can develop a baseline from previous occurrences to track zero waste implementation. There is no minimum or maximum event size or requirement on length. 


What benefits does TRUE for Events provide?

TRUE projects have more decision-making capabilities when it comes to materials management, as the program’s focus is on upstream choices that happen before diversion takes place. Using TRUE as a guideline to help events make purchasing and planning choices can reduce wasted materials, time and money. Event organizers can pass these savings on to reduce registration fees or increase scholarships to allow more participants to attend an event. As the location of an event is going to play a big role in diversion options, TRUE certification ensures that waste reduction and materials management goals can be met anytime, anywhere. 

In the same way that TRUE zero waste certified facilities align sustainability goals with clear results, TRUE certified events ensure that materials management is possible even for temporary occasions, while appealing to sustainably-minded participants. TRUE for Events is a great opportunity to integrate zero waste strategies into the facility where an event is held and see if the facility might be a good fit for TRUE certification down the road. Check out how the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo, a four-day green building industry conference with tens of thousands of attendees, became the first event to certify with TRUE for Events! 


Download the Technical Guide for Events and Registration Form to see if TRUE for Events is right for your event, or reach out directly to the TRUE team to get the conversation started at [email protected].