Peek into a TRUE project: REI distribution center

Published on: 
23 Feb 2023
Sumner Byrne

Outdoor retailer REI has committed to achieving zero waste across its operations with the help of TRUE certification. Currently, REI boasts four certified distribution centers across the United States, including Bedford, Pennsylvania; Goodyear, Arizona; Sumner, Washington; and Issaquah, Washington.

The company has also achieved its first TRUE Gold retail store: the original REI flagship space in Seattle, Washington. The TRUE-certified distribution centers enthusiastically support backhaul programs from stores to enable recycling of both common and challenging materials, such as film and bicycle tubes. This, in turn, assists REI retail stores in recycling and reusing materials that would otherwise be sent to landfill.

Hear how the TRUE Platinum distribution center team in Sumner has reconfigured for optimal reduction, recycling and reuse:

"Watching the Sumner DC's dedication to reducing waste and the incredible transformation to the highest certification level, provided by GBCI's TRUE, has been remarkable and inspiring,” said Tom Syndor, direction of DC operations at REI Sumner. “It's amazing how far we can go together when we have passionate employees leading the way."

“It was exciting to see that we had already done so many things that helped put us on the right track for certification,” agreed Chuck Zang, Seattle Flagship retail sales manager. "There were so many insights from this evaluation, and I’m excited to have data to back up our accomplishments and why they matter.”

REI’s stalwart commitment to zero waste is ongoing across their locations, and the company states proudly on its website that “Eliminating waste is good for our business and good for the planet.”

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