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TRUE Portfolio Program: A streamlined approach to achieve zero waste at scale

Published on: 
7 Sep 2021
Vijaya Yellamraju


Transform your organization by applying the zero waste framework provided by TRUE at scale through the TRUE portfolio program.

TRUE (Total Resource Use and Efficiency) is a comprehensive zero waste certification program that was developed as a leadership standard to recognize facilities that have defined and achieved their zero waste goals, making positive impacts on people, the environment and the economy. Today's organizations are moving beyond single facilities and committing to zero waste targets across their portfolio of assets. The TRUE portfolio program was developed by GBCI to recognize the transformational leadership of zero waste implementation at scale. 

Enroll your portfolio


Get a step-by-step walkthrough of the process from TRUE staff and TRUE portfolio owners in this on demand video.

Enrolling in the TRUE portfolio program will better enable organizations to:

  • Scale zero waste efforts across multiple assets
  • Realize the financial benefits of pursuing TRUE across portfolios
  • Report on portfolio-wide zero waste activities for ESG and other sustainability frameworks
  • Advance their commitment to zero waste
  • Demonstrate leadership in the global zero waste movement

What does the program offer?

The TRUE portfolio program offers an alternate, streamlined documentation submittal and verification process by focusing on the similarities between multiple buildings to recognize their zero waste accomplishments. Leveraging these similarities, participants benefit from economies of scale while also achieving recognition faster. Learn more about this new approach by reviewing the TRUE Portfolio Guide on our website.

Key benefits of utilizing the TRUE portfolio approach are:

  • Portfolio level approval of strategies that can be leveraged by multiple assets
  • Streamlined and efficient certification process for certifying multiple facilities
  • Incentivized pricing based on project volume
  • Overall reduced timelines for certification across multiple assets

Ready to get started?

Explore the TRUE Portfolio Guide and the TRUE Portfolio Approach on the Resources page. Contact TRUE today and begin your journey to transformative leadership and advancing your commitment to zero waste.