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UBS Arena

New York City, New York
Certification level: 
Percent of Overall Diversion Achieved: 
Facility Size: 
700,000 sq ft
Project Overview: 

Recognizing the power of visual communication, UBS Arena strategically placed simplistic signage throughout the venue, serving as a guiding tool for our guests. These eye-catching displays effectively conveyed the importance of sorting waste and guided visitors to dispose of their waste in designated streams correctly. By using clear and concise language and intuitive visuals, we aimed to eliminate confusion and empower fans to participate actively in our sustainability efforts.

Furthermore, our signage strategy proved instrumental in training our dedicated staff members. By incorporating the same visuals and messaging into their training materials, we ensured that our employees were well-equipped to assist guests and maintain the integrity of our waste management program. This consistency improved efficiency and fostered a sense of unity among our team, reinforcing the importance of sustainability in everything we do. UBS Arena instituted a hand-sorting operation within the venue to further enhance our waste management efforts. This hands-on approach allowed us to meticulously ensure that each waste item found its way into the appropriate stream, minimizing contamination and maximizing recycling and composting potential. By taking this extra step, we reinforced our commitment to sustainability and set a new standard for waste management practices in the industry.

Through our unique signage strategy, UBS Arena has successfully engaged fans and empowered them to participate actively in our sustainability journey. Simultaneously, this approach has effectively streamlined staff training, enabling our dedicated team to uphold the highest waste management standards. With our simplified messaging and commitment to hand-sorting operations, we aim to create a sustainable environment that benefits our fans and the planet we call home. We aim to set a new standard for waste management practices in the industry and demonstrate our commitment to the community.

Achieving TRUE certification was tremendously crucial to UBS Arena, as it aligned with our core values and represented a collective ownership mission. As an organization, we firmly believe that it is our responsibility to operate in an environmentally conscious manner and contribute positively to the communities we serve. Obtaining TRUE certification was a testament to our commitment to sustainability and waste management excellence. It showcased our dedication to implementing innovative practices, setting industry standards, and fostering long-term environmental stewardship. By achieving this certification, we solidified our position as a sports and entertainment industry leader, inspiring others to follow suit. More than just a certification, striving for TRUE reflected our ownership's vision and values. It underscored their belief that sustainability should be embedded in every aspect of our operations, from design and construction to daily management.

“Sustainability is at the forefront of all we do at UBS Arena, and we are proud to say that the venue is a certified zero waste facility,” said Michael Sciortino, General Manager.

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Photo credit: Dennis DaSilva